The Adoptee Journey From Korea & Back

SEOULJOURN is a short film capturing the Korean adoptee story through one adoptee's return to Seoul, Korea to search for his birth family, attend a conference uniting hundreds of fellow adoptees, and rediscover his homeland, cultural roots, and himself.

About Justin, Filmmaker

Hi! Justin here, 29-year old Korean adoptee, entrepreneur, and maker living in Austin, Texas. 

In 1987, I was born in Seoul, Korea and immediately placed for adoption through Holt International. Three months later my wonderful parents picked me up at the airport and welcomed me into their West Virginia home.

After being inspired by news of other adoptees and their incredible stories (like last year's Twinsters, Korean identical twins separated at birth & reunited via the Internet), I committed to return to Korea for the first time. My good friend and talented storyteller Daniel Davis was not only excited for my journey, but set out to help me capture it.

I was adopted the year before the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Back then, thousands of Korean children were sent out of the country each year. And now, thousands of us make the choice to come back. Birth parents are coming forward to reunite with their children, seeking healing and closure. Adoptees are forming a community some never knew they had. And each of us connects with our homeland in our own way.

Seouljourn reflects on my experience, explores current adoption practices and the challenges adoptees face, and shares a few stories and thoughts along the way.

Special Thanks

 This project could not have been possible without the support of:


Daniel Davis

Director of Photography

Cinematographer, adventurer & friend, Daniel beautifully captured the experience over 3 weeks in Korea.



Crowdfunding Platform

The Indiegogo team helped increase the film's exposure and ensure a successful fundraising campaign.


Seouljourn Supporters

The Believers

You showed the project plenty of love and your contributions covered all travel, crew & production costs in Korea!